About The Rocker

We’ve created the first truly non-spill car dog bowl made specifically for dogs on the go. With a travel-friendly design and sturdy construction, The Rocker is made to hang from your car headrest, outside, at home, camping, or anywhere your dog goes! With a soft, foldable design, D-rings, and adjustable car strap, you can really take it anywhere!Available in four different base colors, and multiple trim colors, you’ll be able to customize your Rocker how you want it. There’s a Rocker for every dog!

Every pet’s health is of the utmost importance to RocKur Designs and that is why we searched high & low for the highest quality products. The inner liner is certified food grade waterproof vinyl. The outer shell is waterproof recycled polyester and contains no VOC’s or fluorocarbons. The bowl trim & strap are made from polypropylene webbing.

Every Rocker is HAND MADE in Florida, USA.  And all materials are purchased from US distributors.

When The Rocker is installed (as detailed in video below) in a hanging position from the car headrest, and the water does not exceed the “max car fill line”, it will not tip over and spill all the water out of the bowl while your vehicle is in motion…under safe/normal driving conditions.

Currently The Rocker is only available in this one size. However, dogs of all sizes (big & small) who have field tested have had no issues drinking from this size.

The Rocker’s primary use is for water, with the food grade liner, it can be used for food as well.  However, due to most dogs being ‘enthusiastic’ eaters, we do not recommend it.  While they are eating they could puncture or tear the waterproof liner which would then result in the liner leaking when filled with water.  If you choose to use your Rocker with food, please be sure to always monitor your pet during use and to inspect the liner for any tears or punctures.

Each strap is adjustable from approximately 24 inches to 48 inches long. Currently, the straps are only available in this one size.

Oh, how we would love to offer that! Unfortunately, we don’t have the capabilities for that quite yet. But we will definitely keep it on the ‘want list’ for the future!

Using The Rocker

You will raise the headrest, place the strap around the stems of the head rest, adjust the strap to bring the bowl to the appropriate height for your pet, lower the head rest, make sure the d-rings are level with each other, pour in water (do not exceed the Max Car Fill Line). Watch the video below!

The Rocker should be handwashed only with gentle liquid dish soap and warm water. It is not recommended to place The Rocker in the dishwasher or washing machine as the very high temperatures and harsher detergents may degrade the materials. Never use abrasive cleaners, chemicals or spray cleaners. Before storing, ensure The Rocker is completely dry. Watch the video below!

The max car fill line is for knowing the maximum amount of water that can be placed in the bowl in a car that is in motion. If the max car fill line is exceeded, in some instances, there is potential for some water to splash outside of the bowl, for example taking a u-turn to fast or hitting a really big bump. You can most definitely fill the bowl beyond the max car fill line for NON-moving car placement. Just be sure to keep the water level below the trim of the bowl.

In most instances, yes, The Rocker will work with your hammock style car seat cover. However, since there are many variations of hammock style covers (style, thickness, insallation method) we cannot guarantee The Rocker will work with every style.

This hanging no-spill car dog bowl is designed for the convenience of providing water/feeding your pets while you and your pets are on the go. Ensure that the product is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions and that it is capable of supporting your pet’s weight and the force they may apply while eating or drinking from it. Improper installation may lead to product failure and potential injury. The manufacturer is not liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the improper installation or use of this product. The responsibility for ensuring the safety and appropriateness of this setup for your pet lies with the pet owner. Always refer to the product’s specific instructions and guidelines for additional safety information and recommendations.


We take pride in high quality and great customer service.Many times padded envelopes get punctured during shipment.If this were to occur with your Rocker, it could easily puncture it.We are committed to you receiving your Rocker without damage and ready to use! We thought long and hard about the best way to ship your Rocker.We decided it was well worth a few extra dollars to ship The Rocker in a box to avoid damage during shipping.

Currently all shipments originate from Florida, USA.

Currently we are only shipping within the USA. Orders that qualify for free ground shipping are for the lower 48 contiguous United States only. Orders shipping to Alaska & Hawaii will be plus shipping.

We do our best to ship all orders within 2-4 weeks. If The Rocker you select is in stock, it will ship faster. If The Rocker you select is custom, it will take longer as all custom orders are made to order. But we will always ship your Rocker as quickly as possible! Feel free to contact us at Sales@RocKurDesigns.com to inquire on which color combinations are in stock.

During check out, you will have the opportunity to choose Next Day Air shipping.  We strive to ship all orders as quickly as possible, however we ship all orders on a first come first served basis. How quickly your order ships is dependent on if your order is in stock or custom.

Free shipping is available for orders $90 or greater (total order value after coupons are applied). Randomly throughout the year a special free shipping promotion may occur, during those special promotions, a special coupon code would be required at check out.

Payments & Returns

Since many pet diseases can be highly contagious, and the nature of this product (potential for extreme wear & tear), all sales are final. Your pets’ health and well-being is our top priority!

We accept major credit cards as well as Apple Pay.

At this time, we do not offer bulk discounts. However, if you reach out to us regarding your needs, we can evaluate if your needs would qualify. Please email us at Sales@RocKurDesigns.com.

Currently we are not offering gift cards…BUT CHECK BACK IN, as we are working on that option!

Tutorial Videos

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