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Meet Rocky & Kurby

RocKur Designs was founded by Lynne Namerow, and comes from a name combination of 2 of her most fantastic fur-boys: Rocky and Kurby. Lynne creates her unique and US patented travel dog bowl completely by hand with certified food-grade liner fabric, and partially recycled materials.

From Lynne: “The Rocker has simplified my life and provides water to my dog anytime he is in the car and is super easy to remove and take with us for fun adventures!”

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Our Story

It started with an idea…

In 2017, during a 400-mile road trip with my dog, I realized there must be a better way to provide him with water during the drive. Every time we stopped, he’d get a walk, get back in car, I would get the dog bowl, fill it with water, let him drink, hope he had enough, dump out the remaining water, and put the bowl away. Or worse, put him back in the car and realize 30 miles down the road I did not give him his water….so we’d stop again. As we all know, a full water bowl left on the back floor or car seat always ends up spilled – no matter how long the drive.

I decided that there MUST be a better way. What if there was a bowl that could hang from the back of the front seat?

After endless internet searching, I could not find any suspended water bowls that solved the problem. Being pretty handy, I pulled out a soft folding travel water bowl and started experimenting with ways to hang it so it won’t spill. With some trial and error, I had my first prototype. I used this bowl for 4 years! Now, after a complete job change and a pandemic lockdown, I decided to turn this prototype into the real thing.

The Rocker dog bowl you see on this shop is the result of extensive material testing, sewing techniques, and real-world use by dogs and cats alike. It is officially patented in the USA.

Whether it’s a short trip to the bank, a day of hiking, a dog park play date,
I hope The Rocker provides you some piece of mind and makes your life a bit easier!

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