The Rocker

For Dogs on the Go.

The Hanging No-Spill Car Dog Bowl. Its soft, foldable design,
and adjustable car strap, lets you take it EVERYWHERE!
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Not Your Standard Dog Bowl

The Rocker is made to hang from your car headrest but with its soft foldable design and removable strap, you can use it at home, hiking, boating, camping…anywhere your dog goes, The Rocker goes!

Check out the Gallery for pictures of all different places your Rocker can be used!


(US Patent #11,730,138 B2)

Meet the Rocker.

The go everywhere hanging no-spill car dog bowl

Available in four different base colors, and multiple trim colors, you’ll be able to customize your Rocker how you want it.

There’s a Rocker for every dog!

Shop & Customize Your Rocker

It’s As Easy As…

The Rocker Color Lineup

Start with a base and liner color, and choose a trim color!

Great for hiking, camping & boating, too!

  • Soft, foldable design you can take anywhere
  • Roll up to store in backpack or your dog’s vest
  • 24″ – 48″ adjustable strap allows for easy hanging and perfect height
  • Bowl stays off the ground and clean
  • Removable strap doubles as a temporary leash
  • Handmade in the USA with high quality & long lasting materials
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About RocKur Designs (Lynne & Rocky)

RocKur Designs was founded by Lynne Namerow, and comes from a name combination of 2 of her most fantastic fur-boys: Rocky and Kurby. Lynne creates her unique and US patented travel dog bowl completely by hand with certified food-grade liner fabric, and partially recycled materials.

From Lynne: “The Rocker has simplified my life and provides water to my dog anytime he is in the car and is super easy to remove and take with us for fun adventures!”

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